We are so grateful for your participation in our 2023 High Holiday Appeal. Our two yearly appeals help us keep our synagogue open and accessible to everyone, year round.  Your support, your generosity and your commitment to the MVHC allows us to continue to develop services and programs that reflect our deepest values. Together we will sustain our Hebrew Center as a meaningful part of our lives today and for future generations.

Thank you

Sally Cohn

Thank you for your donation!

Donations Policy


Thank you for thinking of us, but we already have a suitable collection of books that fills all the shelf space we have in our library. New books and other volumes will occasionally come to our attention. The best way to help us add to our collection is to make a donation. Please do not leave unwanted books at the Hebrew Center.

If you truly believe that a particular book would be a valuable addition to our library, please email the office with a description and, if possible, a photo of the book. Otherwise, you may donate your books to the several thrift shops on the Island, where they will often find grateful readers. Thank you.

Ritual Objects and Art:

Due to serious lack of space, and a goal of maintaining a clean, airy atmosphere in the synagogue, we do not accept donations of ritual objects or art.

If you truly believe that you have the perfect piece to enhance the space and the spirit of the Hebrew Center, please email the office with a description and a photo of the object. The Art Committee will review to see if an exception is warranted. Thank you for thinking of us.