Yom HaShoah Program

Yom HaShoah Program


May 5, 2024    
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Following a brief service, Gary Phillips, Professor of Theology at Wabash College, will talk about his book “JUST IS: in the Art of Samuel Bak.” Phillips will join us via Zoom, on screen at the Hebrew Center.

Samuel Bak (born 12 August 1933) is a Jewish Lithuanian-American painter and writer
who survived the Holocaust and immigrated to Israel in 1948.
Since 1993, he has lived in the United States.

In order to prepare for Linda Vadasz’s interview on Zoom with Professor Gary Phillips, a copy of Phillips’ book “JUST IS in the art of SAMUEL BAK” is available for viewing in the Hebrew Center Library.

Prior to the discussion, which will take place live at the MVHC and on Zoom, we will have a short service to commemorate Yom Hashoah.

All are welcome.

Zoom and in person.

Click here to Zoom.